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  • Your Own Dedicated HR Manager
  • HR Compliant Policies
  • Employee Onboarding & Terminations
  • Automated Staff Training & Development
  • Relief From Complex HR Issues
  • Annual & Comprehensive HR Audits
  • Work Off Your Plate & Peace of Mind!

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How Does Bambee Work?
With the help of your dedicated HR Manager, Bambee puts your HR on autopilot to streamline your HR, and automate your onboarding, policies, and even employee training.

Did you know?

Bambee clients are 4x less likely to have a complaint filed against them.

The Most Important HR Practices for Small Businesses on Autopilot
Today, Bambee's HR Autopilot keeps over 10,000 American Businesses HR compliant all year long, with up-to-date HR policies, mandatory training, and regular, two-way feedback between you and your employees.


Quickly Identify Your HR Gaps

HR rules change. Audits let you identify any HR gaps, and then we help you with an action plan to get your internal practices up-to-date to keep protecting your company and employees.



Policies That Protect Your Business and Standardize Your Culture

HR Autopilot makes sure all core, protective policies are current, signed by your employees, and reaffirmed semi-annually. Then, your dedicated HR Manager crafts any custom HR policies your business needs.



Training That Keeps Your Staff Compliant and Productive

Bambee takes care of important and often-mandatory training like sexual harassment, workplace safety, and business ethics - and reports back to you on everyone’s progress.



Deliver Feedback to Improve Employee Performance

Bambee’s Report Cards help you track your staff against their goals, and open up a regular dialogue to give praise, constructive feedback, or take corrective action.



Create A Space For Employees to Speak Their Thoughts

Employee Voices lets your employees share concerns and alert you to potential problems. But it doesn’t have to be bad news - it’s also a great way for your staff to express gratitude, anonymously or publicly.



Comply with EEOC Document Retention Standards

Federal & state laws mandate that certain company files be held for a certain period of time. Plus, never guess who signed what - or where your important HR documents are. They’re all gathered safely in your Smart Cabinet.


As a small business, Bambee was exactly what we needed for HR. Affordable, professional, and friendly! We absolutely recommend them.

Bryan Kelly
Owner & Vice President @ HOODZ Cleaning

Expert guidance from your own
Dedicated HR Manager
Sometimes, you need the human touch. Bambee gives you a dedicated HR Manager who helps you craft HR policy and reach HR compliance.

Ashley Medows

  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Supports All 50 States
  • Employee Relations & HR Problem Solving

    The most sensitive issues require rich dialogue. Your HR Manager engages with you to create the right outcomes for your business.

  • Craft HR Policy, Procedures & Shape Company Culture

    Your HR Manager builds policies specific for your businesses based on labor regulation and your unique company culture for better alignment.

  • Onboarding, Terminations & Navigating Labor Regulations

    Lean on Bambee for onboarding, terminations, and corrective actions and get clarity on all your regulatory questions.

  • Employer Coaching & Guidance

    Your HR Manager gets to know you on a first name basis and gives you full remote HR support plus coaching where you need it.

Your HR Manager is available by phone, email, or chat!


We are a growing company that needs help with our HR. We have hired Bambee and thus far have been very happy. Our HR Rep has been attentive and quick to respond with valuable HR knowledge. We are building our HR policies and processes way quicker than I alone would have been able to do.

Damon P
CFO in Leading Telecommunications Company
HR Autopilot Creates Professional Workplaces for Employees
Studies show that employees thrive with the right HR practices in place. This benefits you, your employees, and your business. Bambee’s HR Autopilot is already benefiting over 100,000 American employees.

Automating Compliance Reviews Keeps Companies on Track

People want to work at companies that are making best efforts to follow fair HR practices and create rules-based environments.

Understanding HR Policy Creates Alignment

Employees do better when they understand the rules around the culture they contribute to.

Coaching Helps Employees Reach Professional Goals

Every employee deserves to know how they’re performing at their jobs and how they can perform better in their role

In App Training Empowers Employees With Workplace Knowledge

Giving employees the tools to follow the rules increases the likelihood they do so.

Responding to Feedback Holds the Company Accountable

Resentment is the number one contributing factor to poor performance and labor claims. Giving employees a safe place to voice concerns is key to addressing them.

Did you know?

Only 12 percent of U.S. employees strongly agree that their company does a good job of onboarding new employees.

How We Keep Prices So Low
And keep quality high

Small Business Focused

We only service businesses with less than 500 employees. That means we deal with your types of needs all day, every day.

The Best of Modern Tech

We use cutting edge data technology to stay informed about labor laws & help you avoid mistakes.

HR Practice Automation

HR Autopilot automates your key HR practices to keep you HR compliant all year through.



Your HR Manager will be a certified Bambee HR professional, experienced with companies of your size, and trained in compliance and customer service. All customized HR work is included with your fixed, monthly cost. Any additional services you desire will have a clear and upfront price. Never any hidden fees.

Bambee Guided Payroll with
built in HR support

Join Bambee and access the most affordable payroll solution for small businesses

Make payroll a snap with Bambee Guided Payroll, which includes built-in HR support. You’ll enjoy:

  • 2-Day Direct Deposit
  • Automatic handling of federal, state, and local taxes
  • Guidance from your HR Manager on wage and hour regulations


Bambee's optional Bambee Guided Payroll gives you the best of both worlds. Easy, HR compliant payroll and support from your dedicated HR Manager.

How does Bambee Work?
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