About Us

Bambee was founded on the disruptive idea that every business should have access to an affordable human resource manager and every business can run like a fortune 500.

Our Leadership

Our fearless captains lead by example


Allan Jones

CEO + Founder

Allan is a 2x-entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing service driven technology products for small businesses ...

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James Lee

VP of Engineering

James is the former VP of Technology at Processing.com, a company that offers international and domestic card processing ...

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Seth Brady

VP of Marketing

Seth is an executive marketing leader with a 20+ year track record of successfully concepting, socializing, and leading ...

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Justin Low

Chief of Staff

Justin holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. He recently worked as Chief of Staff at Shift Ventures, and ...

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Building a company, especially one creating alternative, never-before-traveled pathways to success is tough, stressful, exciting, fulfilling, grueling, demanding, fun, disappointing, and sometimes even hilarious. Anyone who only lists “fun and exciting” on a startup job description is being disingenuous.

Founder & CEO, Allan Jones

Our Team

The heart and soul of Bambee lies in our people


Khoa Truong

Director of Engineering


Dennis Lee

Frontend Engineer


David Victor

Head of Design


Matt Goldsmith

Lead HR Manager


Jake Wilcox

Director, HR Partnerships


Robyn Beresh

Director of Human Resources


Tiana Vela

HR Manager


Carley MacIntyre

HR Manager


Claudia Jaimes

HR Manager


Diana de la Torre

Sales Account Executive


Kevin Lee

Full Stack Engineer


Ki Lin Tay, J.D.

Senior Director of

Legal Affairs & Employer Services

MeToo Movement Opens Doors for HR Provider

Los Angeles Business Journal

Our Soul

Work-life balance, all while having fun, keeps us going

Holiday Retreats are Better than Holiday Parties

Every year, our Team leaves the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles for our Annual Holiday Retreat. Not only is it an opportunity to travel and have some fun, but it enables us to take a step back, think about our business, and identify ways we can continue enhancing our service to our clients. Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California, and Park City, Utah have all hosted Bambee; where to next?!


Summer Bash for Bambee's Birthday

Birthday celebrations at the workplace aren’t unique, but Bambee Birthdays are! Every year we celebrate the company's birthday at our CEO's house. Our incredible culture and great team dynamics result in genuine, authentic birthday feels. We’re not going to win any singing awards, but our celebrations hit the right note.


We Call The Bradbury Building Home

Every business aspires to reach icon-status. We’re no different, and we believe it starts at home. So we found an iconic home - The Bradbury Building is a national historic landmark located in Downtown Los Angeles and a member of the National Register of Historic Places. Movies and music videos have been filmed here, thousands of photos have been taken here, and best-in-class HR advice is given here.


Group Events Bring Us Closer

We love team dinners and happy hours as much as the next company, but it’s hitting the lanes at the local bowling alley that really gets us going. Friendly competition doesn’t hurt anybody, and for us, it’s an opportunity to bring our company closer together. And honestly, a place where people get a free pass to trash-talk the CEO.


Team Dinners Fill Our Bellies (And Hearts)

There’s many benefits about living and working in Los Angeles: the weather, the scenery, the fours days a year when there’s no traffic. One of our favorite things, however, is the food. World-renowned for the available cuisine, our team loves to take advantage by grabbing a bite to eat after a full day of work.


We Are Friends Outside The Office

It’s a fact - when you like someone, it’s easier to work with them. Fortunately, we all like each other (for now). And even though it’s fortunate, it’s not surprising. That’s what happens when you hire great professionals and even better people. Our CEO or someone from our Executive Team meets every single person who interviews at the company; culture is at the core of our business.

We want our product to be lightweight and robust

Founder & CEO, Allan Jones

Our Values

We seriously believe how you live impacts how you work


New Experiences Enrich Your Life

The business plan for this company was built on a beach in Thailand and our CEO believes in the value of life experiences...so we pay our employees to travel! Bambee offers a travel subsidy for people to have new, enriching, life experiences. This isn’t intended for people to buy a plane ticket to fly home (although that’s important; make sure you call your parents this week!). This is intended to inspire people to identify experiences they want in their life, but haven’t had before. We want you to have it.


Staying Fit Keeps You Focused

Monthly gym reimbursements? Of course we do that. But we also offer an equipment budget! Been eyeing a new mountain bike? Want to get into snowboarding? Need a new yoga mat? Don’t let cost deter you - we’ll help you with that.


Culture Breeds Perspective

Los Angeles: One of the beacons of arts and culture on this planet. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day of life, but we need to be reminded that these experiences are right at our fingertips. Bambee reminds you with a quarterly reimbursement to attend a concert, comedy show, museum, etc.


Knowledge Is Power

  1. Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul, by Howard Schultz and Joanne Gordon
  2. The Hard Thing About Hard Things, by Ben Horowitz
  3. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sandberg
  4. Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, by Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Peterson, and Kevin Maney
  5. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
  6. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, by Brené Brown
These are just six of the titles in our founder’s reading list. Reading is unfortunately becoming a lost art. Hopefully we can help delay that ever so slightly. Knowledge is power, so Bambee will pay for a subscription for the life-informing content that you are hopefully searching for.

Our Investors & Advisors

Behind the scenes leading us forward


Nate Redmond

Managing Partner at Alpha Edison

Rustic Canyon Partners


Robert Pittman

Chairman, CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc.

Founder MTV


Mark Terbeek

Partner at Greycroft Partners

MK Capital


Damian Maldanado

CEO & Founder

American Financing


Erik Rannala

Managing Partner: Mucker Capital

Trip Advisor, Ebay


Steve Goodman

CEO & Founder | Restless Bandit

Bright.com (acquired by LinkedIn)


Jason Nazar

Co-Founder & CEO of Comparably

DocStoc (acquired by Intuit)

Our Careers

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