Bambee supports businesses of every industry in their HR compliance and termination needs.

Find out how Bambee can help your business.

Industries We Work With

Bambee works for many different industries for specific reasons such as making businesses compliant with labor laws and other labor federal and state regulations.

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What you get by joining Bambee:


Employee Terminations. Help with safe and legal termination - we’ll make sure to find the best solution to protect your business.


Labor Guidance & Compliance. Full compliance with Federal and State regulations.


Full service HR support. From job descriptions, arbitration agreements, employee handbooks, and other documents to employee conflict resolution and corrective action.


Department of Labor Claim Management. Unemployment claims, wage and hour complaints, disability claims - all managed with Bambee.

Can Bambee help my business?

Bambee is the HR compliance and termination solution for every size business.