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Employee Conflict & Termination Assistance

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Labor Law & Regulation Guidance

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Department of Labor Claims Management

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General Human Resources

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Employee Conflict & Termination Assistance

When you’re ready to terminate an employee Bambee will guide you through tricky situations to make sure you’ve created the correct paper trail. Be sure you stay compliant with your HR policies and that you don’t break any labor laws (which often trigger a response from the department of labor and can end in costly lawsuits)

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We'll work to understand your employee issues

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We’ll help you craft a plan to release the employee as soon & safely as possible.

True Labor Law & Regulation Expertise

With Bambee you can stop googling and searching the DOL website for labor regulations. Bambee will walk you through labor regulation, make sure you’re compliant, plus answer any question you have via phone, email or chat.

Concerns around wage and hour, minimum wage, breaks and overtime, employee no shows - just talk to us.
We’ll audit your business and help you follow the rules
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Department of Labor Claims Management

Bambee will help you manager internal corrective action and employee issues. We’ll also help manage any government agency claims; unemployment claims, disability, wage & hour, EEOC etc.

Bambee will review, respond to and manage all claims from the department of labor or its governed agencies.
We’ll craft the verbiage and act on your behalf to help reduce fines, litigation etc.
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General Human Resources

Bambee will help you create compliant internal policies and procedurs. Such as creating and mainataining employee handbooks, generating on boarding packages, arbitration agreements & gathering employee signitures on these important documents

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As a bambee member we’ll help craft and implement best practice human resource policy at your small business


From drafting job descriptions & creating your employee handbook to onboarding employees.

Meet Some of Our Team

Our Experts Are Here to Answer Your Questions, Manage your Human Resources & Help You Solve Problems


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Sally, Sales Rep

“ Bambee has been amazing so far and is solving for a big gap we had with some very real and time sensitive issues.“

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Dan Granger, Business Owner, Oxford Road Media

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All HR & compliance services included at one simple flat rate

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Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to a full-service remote HR team
  • Safe employee terminations
  • Access to Bambee HR Web Portal to manage your HR policy
  • Partnership with a personal HR rep that will help update all of your internal HR policies
  • Full compliance with Federal and State labor laws
  • Employee and government claim tracking and management
  • Preventive assistance in avoiding lawsuits regarding issues like wrongful terminations and DOL violations
  • Business Owner Coaching and Development
  • Answers to all of your questions on the Department of Labor & general HR policies
  • HR documents and employee contracts customized for your business
  • Advisement on obtaining all necessary items, documentation, and safety materials for a compliant workplace
  • Thousands of dollars in savings when compared to in-house HR teams
  • Decreased risk of lawsuits and DOL claims brought by current and former employee
  • An increased chance of employee retention
  • More time back for you to put toward running your business
  • Reactive support: We're here anytime you need help managing compliance issues
  • Proactive assistance: Bambee is constantly looking for ways to improve your HR strategy
  • Peace of mind

Why use Bambee?

Focus on Running Your Business, not HR.

Bambee is your out-sourced HR Team. We'll help your business run smoothly so you can focus on operating.

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One flat monthly rate. Only $99/month

Save Thousands on Legal Fee

Bambee keeps you out of court and reduces how often you'll need an attorney.

Peace of Mind

Wage an hour, wrongful termination or harassment lawsuits can cost $250k. Use bambee & reduce your risk.