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Bambee will create and maintain HR labor policies that keep you in line with State and Federal regulations

We’ll make understanding State and Federal Labor regulations easy. Then ensure your business is compliant by creating policies, procedures, and documents customized for your company.

About Bambee

What is Bambee?

How does Bambee work?

Can Bambee help me terminate employees?

How much does Bambee cost?

Can Bambee help my business comply with labor laws?

Will Bambee help my business with its internal HR processes?

Can Bambee help me with existing government claims? business with its internal HR processes?

Is Bambee right for my business?

What are Bambee's Hours of Operation?

About Internal HR Strategy

Do I need to provide an offer letter to new hires?

Should I be running background checks?

How should I categorize exemption status for cross-functional employees?

How many hours per week should my employees be working?

Can I terminate someone with a disability?

Am I required to provide Paid Time Off and Paid Sick Leave?

When must breaks and meal periods be given?

Can I have an employee perform duties outside their job description?

If an employee gives two-weeks’ notice but I ask them to leave immediately, am I required to pay them the full two weeks?

What constitutes insubordination in the workplace?

About Labor & Compliance

What is an I-9 form?

A former employee just returned from active duty to resume employment, but they’re out of practice and not up to date with our company’s changes. Can I deny them employment?

What regulations am I required to follow in accordance with OSHA?

My employees receive tips for their work. What is the minimum wage I must pay them?

Are my workers eligible for overtime payment?

Should my employees be paid for sending email off the clock?

I was planning on firing an employee for poor performance, and then they notified me they will be taking parental leave. Can I still fire them?

What are the consequences for failure to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)?

Can I be sued for firing an employee and replacing them with a family member?

About Termination & Employee Types

What qualifies as job abandonment?

Am I at risk of wrongful termination?

If I terminate an employee, do I have to pay unemployment?

When can I classify an employee as seasonal?

What gives an employee exempt status?

What gives an employee non-exempt status?

What is at-will employment?

How much time do I have to pay a terminated employee?

About Claims Management

What are the consequences for the improper classification of employees?

I fired an employee whose wages were being garnished. Will I be sued?

What does OSHA classify as a ‘serious violation?’

What are the consequences for failing to comply with an OSHA warning?

Under what circumstances might an employee file an EEOC claim?