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HR help reviewing regulations, furloughs, government aid, and more.

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Don't waste time dealing with multiple companies. With the Bambee Group of Companies, HR and Insurance work hand in hand.

HR + Insurance = Greater Protection For Your Business

Even with the best HR, you never know what’s around the corner. Proper insurance coverage means you can worry less.

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No service fees. No agency fees. No financing fees. Just the right coverage for your business.

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Unclear about your coverage? Need help filing a claim? One of our insurance professionals is always ready to help!

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Learn how Bambee can help your business

Identify Available Coverage Options

It isn't easy to know what types of insurance you should get for your business. General liability and workers' compensation are a great start, but they may not give you protection for the broader set of possible exposures. For example, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is an additional line of coverage you may qualify for that could help protect your business against costly employee discrimination lawsuits, harassment claims, or other similar issues. Additional lines of insurance may be available to address other unforseen circumstances.

We help you consider these exposures so you worry less.

Dedicated HR, Better Compliance, Affordable Premiums

Insurance cost varies quite a bit based on the type of coverage. For example, general liability insurance for a business in the construction industry could be as much as $800. On the other hand, a cleaning company may only pay around $500. So, how do you know if you're paying for too much or too little insurance?

Bambee Insurance helps you find the right balance so you have greater protection and get the best bang for your buck.

Management Under 1 Umbrella

Running and growing your business is the most important thing you can do. So, it's no surprise that digging around insurance policies isn't a top priority. If you're like most business owners, you haven't updated your insurance coverage in a while. You also like to keep things simple. We do, too.

That's why Bambee Insurance makes it easy to get protection you need, inside and out.

Learn how Bambee can help your business

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Learn how Bambee can help your business

Bambee Honest Agent ™

How do you know which coverage and policy is right for your company? With so much jargon and legalese, it's hard to know if you're making the right decision. You aren't alone. We think it's harder than it should be. That's where our Bambee Honest Agents come in. Here's what they do:

Get to know you and your business

Figure out precisely what coverage is essential

Make it easy to understand and compare your choices

Learn how Bambee can help your business

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Learn how Bambee can help your business

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