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Platform Features

Create, Implement, and Manage Company Policy

From sexual harassment & non-discrimination to PTO and sick leave, we'll help you create and implement HR policy across your business.

E-Signatures for Important Documents

Invite your staff to join Bambee where they can set up folders, see memos, and view & sign important documents using our secure e-signature technology.

Staff Folders for Internal Compliance and Organization

Staff folders ensure the right files are accessible, compliant, and signed with everyone on your staff.

Smart Cabinet for Record Keeping

Federal & State laws mandate that certain company files be held for a certain period of time. Bambee Tools help meet retention needs.

Unlimited Direct Chat With Your HR Manager

Business owners can contact their HR manager during business hours by phone, email, or direct chat.

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Real Time Chat

Bambee gives you a dedicated HR manager who helps you craft HR policy and maintain compliance.

Cameron Williamson Casco Bay Dental

How can I avoid paying unemployment?

Dianne Russell Carpet Caretakers, LLC

Can I terminate someone with a disability?

Eleanor Pena Waba Grill

What is the EEOC?

Learn how Bambee can help your business

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Employee Voices

Every employee deserves to be heard so we built a real time chat service designed for employees to interact with your HR manager. The service is built into the Bambee platform making it easy to deploy and use.

Objective & Professional
Facilitate Transparency & Resolve Conflict
Enable A Thriving Workplace
Cameron W.
Dianne R.
Eleanor P.
Cameron W.